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Getting Started

Hello fellow developer, Get started here !

Developer environment


  • Omnisharp (C#)
  • Liquid Language Support
  • Bracket pair colorizer
  • vscode-icons
  • GitLens
  • EditorConfig
  • vscode-solution-explorer

This step is recommended for VSCode users. This creates aliases

Run these commands to setup your powershell profile script:

# From a powershell terminal
# This displays the path of your profile
# Test to see if it exists
test-path $profile
# Create it if it does not exist
new-item -path $profile -itemtype file -force
# Edit it in VSCode
code $profile

Copy and modify this in your powershell profile

$innoGitRepo = "<path-to>\StatCan.OrchardCore"

# Navigate to directory
function in { set-location $innoGitRepo }
# Run the clean script from the test folder. Warning: this deletes your App_Data
function iac {
  set-location "$($innoGitRepo)\test"
  npm run clean
# Open cypress
function it {
  set-location "$($innoGitRepo)\test"
  npm run cypress
# Run css watcher
function iw {
  set-location "$($innoGitRepo)"
  npm run watch
# Build
function ib { 
  set-location "$($innoGitRepo)src\StatCan.OrchardCore.Cms.Web"
  dotnet build
# Clean
function ic { 
  set-location "$($innoGitRepo)src\StatCan.OrchardCore.Cms.Web"
  dotnet clean
# Run
function ir {
  set-location "$($innoGitRepo)src\StatCan.OrchardCore.Cms.Web"
  dotnet run
# Run (Production)
function ip {
  set-location "$($innoGitRepo)src\StatCan.OrchardCore.Cms.Web"
  dotnet .\bin\Debug\netcoreapp3.0\StatCan.OrchardCore.Cms.Web.dll
# Build & Run (Production)
function ibp { 
  dotnet .\bin\Debug\net5.0\StatCan.OrchardCore.Cms.Web.dll
Don't forget to restart your powershell session to load the changes.


  • Run these commands in powershell:
    • From anywhere ir if you have the above powershell setup or
    • From the root of the project dotnet run --project src/StatCan.OrchardCore.Cms.Web/StatCan.OrchardCore.Cms.Web.csproj if you don't
  • Visit https://localhost:5001 to load your Orchard Website
  • When presented with the orchard setup screen,
    • Select the the recipe you want to try. I suggest using the Software as a Service recipe and then use Orchard's Tenant feature to test different sites / recipes
    • Use sqlite as a database to keep things simple
  • Visit https://localhost:5001/admin to use the admin interface of Orchard.

Starting fresh

To cleanup the environment and start fresh, you need to delete the src/StatCan.OrchardCore.Cms.Web/App_Data folder. This deletes all configuration and databases (if you are using SQLite).

You can also delete tenants individually by deleting the data in src/StatCan.OrchardCore.Cms.Web/App_Data/Sites/{TenantName} and removing the entry in src/StatCan.OrchardCore.Cms.Web/App_Data/tenants.json


The framework used to test the innovation website is Cypress.

Note: The tests assume a clean environment and may fail if you run them on an existing instance.

To run tests:

  • From the test folder of the project, run npm install.
  • From the same folder, you can run npm run cypress to open cypress and start running tests


We include launch.json / tasks.json files to help debug your code.

To launch the site with debugging, open the Debug (ctrl+shift+D) vscode window. Select the .NET Core Launch(web) if the project is not running, or .NET Core Attach to attach the debugger to attach to a running project.

Last update: April 22, 2021