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We use the Cypress JS testing framework to run E2E tests for this application.

Useful commands

From the /test folder in this solution, you can run the following commands to simplify testing the application.

  • npm run host hosts a version of OC running in production mode (faster).
  • npm run build builds the application.
  • npm run clean Deletes /src/StatCan.OrchardCore.Cms.Web/App_Data.
  • npm run test hosts the site then runs cypress tests.
  • npm run test:clean Deletes /src/StatCan.OrchardCore.Cms.Web/App_Data, hosts the site, run cypress tests.
  • npm run test:clean-build cleans App_Data, builds the site, hosts the site and runs cypress tests. This is recommended.
  • npm run cypress opens cypress dashboard.
  • npm run cypress:run runs the cypress tests. Assumes a pre-running instance.

Last update: October 2, 2020