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Orchard uses PO files to support translation / pluralization of static strings.

See the orchard documentation.

How to generate POT files from our modules

  1. Install the po-extractor tool. dotnet tool install --global PoExtractor.OrchardCore
  2. Run extractpo-oc C:\PathToRepo\src C:\temp\OrchardInno --liquid

Where to place translated PO files

How to create translations

I like to use POEdit to create the translation. Another good option is to upload the po file to Google Translator Toolkit. Google automatically translates all strings in the file using Google Translate which makes it much easier than having to translate everything from scratch.

How to sync changes to the pot files

Generate new pot files using the command then either

  • use POEdit to update every PO file from a corresponding POT file
  • OR
  • use the msgmerge utility from the gettext library.

Last update: September 18, 2020