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The following methods are available in addition to the OrchardCore scripting methods.

Note: The feature (module) where the scripts are defined needs to be enabled for the methods to be available in your scripts. For example, to get the httpContext() function, you must enable the OrchardCore.Workflows.Http feature in the admin panel.

Scripting module (StatCan.OrchardCore.Scripting)


Function Description
httpRedirect(url: String): void Calls the HttpContext.Response.Redirect() method, prefixing the passed url with the tenant pathBase


Function Description
requestFormAsJsonObject(): JObject Returns a sanitized JObject representation of the HttpContext.Request.Form object. Sanitization is performed by Orchard's sanitizer.
addError(name: String, errorMessage: String): void Adds an error to the input with the specified name. Use the serverValidationMessage name to add a global error message to your VueForm.
hasErrors(): Boolean Returns true if the error dictionary contains any errors.
validateReCaptcha(recaptchaResponse): Boolean Returns true if the recaptchaResponse is valid, false if invalid.


These methods are added when the OrchardCore.Contents module is enabled

Function Description
contentByItemId(contentItemId: String): ContentItem Returns the ContentItem with the specified contentItemId


These methods are added when the OrchardCore.Users module is enabled

Function Description
validateEmail(email: String): Boolean Validates an email address
updateEmail(email: String): UpdateEmailStatus Validates an email address. Success = 0, Unauthorized = 1, InvalidEmail = 2, AlreadyExists = 3, UpdateError = 4
updateCustomUserSettings(contentType: String, properties: Object): UpdateSettingsStatus Updates the CustomUserSettings with the specified contentType with the passed properties. Success = 0, Unauthorized = 1, TypeError = 2
setUserRole(userName: String, roleName: String): Boolean Sets a role to a user. Security critical function.


These methods are added when the OrchardCore.ContentLocalization module is enabled

Function Description
contentByLocalizationSet(localizationSet: String, culture: String): ContentItem Returns the ContentItem with the attached localizationSet for the specified culture

LocalizedText module (`StatCan.OrchardCore.LocalizedText)

You can get the values stored in the LocalizedTextPart inside a script.

Function Description
getLocalizedTextValues(contentItem: ContentItem): JObject Returns a JObject representation of the LocalizedTextPart for the current thread culture

VueForms module (`StatCan.OrchardCore.VueForms)

Function Description
getFormContentItem(): ContentItem Only available in the VueForm server side scripts. Returns the current VueForm ContentItem instance.

Last update: December 9, 2020