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Solution Templates

Save time by using one of our templated solutions! We're leveraging dotnet new(see Microsoft developer docs) here.

The Solution Template

  • This template sets up a new solution that allows you to create your own Themes and Modules.
  • Uses the StatCan.OrchardCore package as hosted on Cloudsmith


To create a new site using this boilerplate you'll first need to install the template, which is hosted on CloudSmith.

dotnet new -i StatCan.OrchardCore.ProjectTemplates::1.0.0-rc3-* --nuget-source


Once the installation is complete run this command to create your project boilerplate

dotnet new stc-oc-siteboilerplate -n Project.StatCan.OrchardCore -o Project.StatCan.OrchardCore -p "Name" -pd "Desciption"


  • -n | --name: Namespace and name of the .Net project e.g. Project.OrchardCore
  • -o | --output: Location to place the generated output.
  • -p | --pname: Project name displayed in the read me.
  • -pd | --pdescription: Project description displayed in the read me.
  • -ov | --orchard-version: OrchardCore version to use.
  • -sov | --statcan-orchard-version: StatCan orchard version to use.

Additional templates

Additional templates are provided by OrchardCore. See the documentation here.

Last update: May 26, 2021