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This document contains documentation for all workflow tasks and activities available in this repository.

GitHub (StatCan.OrchardCore.GitHub)

The following activities are available with the GitHub module

Activity Type Description
Commit File Task Create or updates a file on a specific branch
Create Branch Task Creates a branch from a git reference
Create Pull Request Task Creates a pull request

VueForms (StatCan.OrchardCore.VueForms)

Activity Type Description
VueForm Submitted Event Triggerred when a VueForm is valid. Runs for all selected VueForms in the Event options.

The VueForm Submitted event includes the VueForm content item as an input and the correlationId of the form. You can access the Form data by using the requestFormAsJsonObject() scripting method.

EmailTemplates (StatCan.OrchardCore.EmailTemplates)

Activity Type Description
Send Email With Template Task Sends an email with the selected template.

Last update: April 22, 2021